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Hayes family history page 2 - Tiny Tafels

We are interested in family history and genealogy, and this page shows some of the families that we are researching, and a little about our own family.

Tiny Tafels showing families we are researching

In case you've never come across them before, a Tiny Tafel is a way of indicating which families one is interested in. It can be read by human beings, but it can also be read by computers, and matched with other Tiny Tafels to find common interests.

The header gives information about the researcher and how to contact him or or her - name, address, phone and so on. The body gives information like this:

A536 1809*1822:ANDERSON\Whitehaven, CUL, England/Whitehaven, CUL, England

The A536 is a Soundex code, enabling computers to match names that sound alike, but may be spelt differently. Then follow the earliest and latest birth dates for members of that family in our records. The * and : symbols have the following meanings:

* we are very interested in this family
: we are moderately interested
. we are slightly interested

a blank after the date means we are not interested at all.The interest level for the first date means we are interested in finding more about the ancestors in that line, and after the second date it means we are interested in finding more about the descendants in that line.

The place names indicate the places of birth of the oldest and youngest persons in that line that we have record of. Sometimes the places are abbreviated - CUL, for example, means Cumberland.

If you think you may be related to any of these families, please contact us -- see contact page for details.

Val's Tafel

N Valerie Hayes
A PO Box 7648
A Pretoria
A 0001 South Africa
T +27-12-333-6727
F Family History System
Z 228 Tiny Tafel Editor v2.2 --- This TT may be freely distributed!
A130 1888 1888.ABBOTT\Bideford, Devon, England/Cape Town, South Africa
A350 1760*1760*ADAME\Cape Colony/Cape Colony
A352 1935 1935.ADAMS\Johannesburg, RSA/Johannesburg, RSA
A325 1873.1914:ADDISON\Cumberland, England/Belfast, Northern Ireland
A353 1898 1956*ADENDORFF\Zuurberg, South Africa/Piet Retief, South Africa
A436 1954 1978:ALLDRED\Unknown/Durban, South Africa
A536 1809*1822:ANDERSON\Whitehaven, CUL, England/Whitehaven, CUL, England
A536 1883 1987:ANDERTON\Durban, South Africa/Dundee, South Africa
A652 1923 1953.ARMSTRONG\Cape Town, RSA/Ladysmith, Natal, RSA
A200 1950.1987*AZZIE\South Africa/Johannesburg, South Africa
B642 1953 1977:BARLOW-JONES\South Africa/South Africa
B600 1957 1957:BARRY\Standerton, South Africa/Standerton, South Africa
B600 1920 1920.BAUER\South Africa/South Africa
B550 1872 1913:BAUMANN\Kimberley, South Africa/Pretoria, South Africa
B600 1823:1903*BEHR\Woodstock, Cape, South Africa/Woodstock, Cape, RSA
B552 1802 1969*BENINGFIELD\England/Durban, South Africa
B525 1944 1983:BENJAMIN\South Africa/Durban, South Africa
B534 1828:1928:BENTLEY\Cape Town, South Africa/Cape Town, South Africa
B630 1710*1740*BERTHE\Ueckermark, Germany/Ueckermark, Germany
B260 1908:1908:BESSER\Namibia/Germany
B320 1687*1740*BETAC\Friesenheim Palatinat/Briest, Germany
B320 1765*1765*BETTAC\Fredersdorf, Germany/Fredersdorf, Germany
B160 1680*1712*BEVIERRE\France (?)/Ueckermark (?)
B210 1874 1912.BISHOP\Garden City, USA/Garden City, USA
B420 1952 1952:BLACK\Cape, South Africa/Cape, South Africa
B432 1950 1950.BLADEZKI\Coventry, England/Coventry, England
B420 1983 1983:BLAKE\Pietermaritzburg, RSA/Port Elizabeth, RSA
B453 1927 1961:BLUNDELL\South Africa/South Africa
B340 1870 1910:BOADLE\Cumberland, ENG/Cumberland, ENG
B552 1910 1939:BONNINGTON\England/England
B300 1940 1978:BOOTH\Eastern Cape, RSA/Eastern Cape, RSA
B210 1887 1887.BOSHOFF\Pretoria, RSA/Pretoria, RSA
B255 1966.1966:BOSMAN\Paarl, RSA/Standerton, RSA
B245 1890.1890:BOWES-LYON\Unknown/Unknown
B200 1880 1880.BOYCE\Willowmore, RSA/Willowmore, RSA
B400 1913 1946.BOYLE\East London, RSA/Randfontein, RSA
B634 1964 1964:BRADWELL\Moseley, England/Solihull, England
B633 1864 1974*BRATHWAITE\Hythe, ENG/Napier, New Zealand
B632 1782*1800*BREEDSCHOE\Cape Town, RSA/Cape Town, RSA
B632 1755*1755*BREITSCHUH\Eisleben, Germany/Eisleben, Germany
B656 1879.1979*BREMRIDGE\Hampstead,England/Torquay, Devon, England
B656 1895.1895:BREMRIDGE-CRICHTON\Cape Town, RSA/Cape Town, RSA
B655 1938 1938:BRENNAN\Unknown, South Africa/Johannesburg, South Africa
B650 1946 1985:BRIAN\Unknown/Chelmsford, Essex, England
B632 1831 1976*BRIDGES\Tydenham, Jamaica/Johannesburg, South Africa
B632 1920:1950*BRIDGES-MAXWELL\Australia/England
B652 1836 1875:BRINCKNER\Isselhorst, Germany/Otjikango, South West Africa
B652 1800.1986*BRINK\Cape Colony, South Africa/Cape Town, South Africa
B623 1871 1908:BRISTOW\Ireland/Krugersdorp, South Africa
B620 1743 1833 BROCK\Unknown/Unknown
B252 1906 1983:BUCKINGHAM\Johannesburg, RSA/Port Elizabeth, RSA
B346 1927 1982:BUDLER\Cradock, RSA/East London, RSA
B655 1822 1866:BUEHRMANN\Amsterdam, RSA/Ermelo, RSA
B520 1800:1840:BUNGE\Brandenburg, Germany/Brandenburg, Germany
B626 1837.1837.BURGERSHEIM\Stralsund, Prussia/Stralsund, Prussia
B625 1800:1830:BURGOYNE\Canada/England
B656 1830:1989*BURNARD\Cape Town, RSA/Pietermaritzburg, RSA
B622 1881 1919:BURROUGHES\Holt, Norfolk, England/Pretoria, South Africa
B200 1931.1931:BUSS\Eastern Cape, RSA/Eastern Cape, RSA
C352 1907 1974.CAITHNESS\Unknown/South Africa
C515 1886 1886:CAMPION\Panchgani, India/Panchgani, India
C632 1947.1947:CARADOC-DAVIES\Worcester, South Africa/Worcester, South Africa
C642 1906:1966*CARLSSON\Namibia/Transvaal, South Africa
C600 1721*1921*CARR\Whitehaven, CUL, ENG/Whitehaven, CUL, ENG
C636 1841 1841:CARTER\Colesberg, Cape Colony, South Africa/Colesberg, RSA
C326 1888 1888.CATHCART\Woolwich, England/Woolwich, England
C450 1880.1900:CHELIN\Mauritius/Natal, South Africa
C652 1910.1971:CHERRINGTON\Kirton, England/Wynberg, Cape, RSA
C430 1849 1882 CHILD\UK/UK
C460 1946 1974.CLUR\South Africa/South Africa
C100 1914.1950:COFFEY\South Africa/South Africa
C200 1864 1914:COUCH\England/South Africa
C250 1948.1948:COUZYN\South Africa/South Africa
C500 1891 1987:COWEN\Johannesburg, South Africa/South Africa
C400 1907.1907:COWLEY\Broughton, ENG/Tenterfield, AUS
C623 1904*1943*CREIGHTON\Pretoria, South Africa/Pretoria, South Africa
C624 1800:1800*CRESSWELL\Quebec, Canada/Quebec, Canada
C623 1815:1980*CRIGHTON\Scotland/Johannesburg, South Africa
C625 1861.1922.CROGHAN\County Carlow, Ireland/Unknown
C621 1926 1926.CROUCH-BARNES\King William's Town, RSA/KWT, RSA
C626 1912.1912:CROZIER-RICHARDS\Grahamstown, South Africa/Grahamstown, RSA
C525 1900 1929:CUNNISON\Scotland/South Africa
D542 1937 1963:DANIELS\Johannesburg, South Africa/London, England
D625 1876 1876:DARGON\Potchefstroom, South Africa/Potchefstroom, RSA
D000 1937 1937:DAY\South Africa/South Africa
D260 1785*1967*DECKER\Auerstedt, Germany/South Africa
D000 1883 1965 DEE\London, England/Durban, South Africa
D426 1670*1670*DELACROIX\Amerens, Flanders/Amerens, Flanders
D461 1936.1968:DELAHARPE\Salisbury, Rhodesia/Johannesburg, RSA
D540 1869.1932:DENNEWILL\Dosenheim, Germany/Ongariwanda, South West Africa
D220 1931 1931.DESOUSA\Grange, RSA/Grange, RSA
D153 1715*1715*DEVANTIER\Ueckermark, Germany/Ueckermark, Germany
D140 1890:1890:DEVILLE\Paarl, South Africa/South Africa
D146 1819 1973:DEVILLIERS\Cape Town, South Africa/Pretoria, RSA
D320 1954.1958.DIETZ\South Africa/South Africa
D250 1820:1860:DIXON\Cape, South Africa/Namibia
D152 1892 1892.DOBBINS\England/England
D125 1878 1919:DOBSON\Nantwich, Cheshire, England/Johannesburg, RSA
D515 1865 1939.DONOVAN\Bethulie, OFS/Bethulie, OFS
D242 1900.1920.DOUGLAS-JONES\South Africa/South Africa
D620 1920 1964.DRAKE\South Africa/South Africa
D660 1881 1939.DREYER\Cape Town, South Africa/Transvaal, South Africa
D200 1833*1833*DUKE\Ulverston, LAN, ENG/Ulverston, LAN, ENG
D140 1881 1925:DUPLOOY\Transvaal, South Africa/Zastron, OFS, South Africa
D623 1916 1948:DURSTON\Plymouth, Devon, England/Durban, South Africa
D330 1845.1982:DUTOIT\Paarl, Cape, South Africa/Uitenhage, South Africa
E200 1913 1913.EK\Duluth, MI, USA/Duluth, MI, USA
E430 1819*1946*ELLWOOD\Whitehaven, CUL, England/London, England
E423 1940 1988:ELSTON\England/Liverpool, England
E524 1791 1926:ENSLIN\Paarl, Cape, South Africa/Fordsburg, Johannesburg, RSA
E625 1926 1926.ERASMUS\South Africa/South Africa
E625 1878.1928:ERIKSSON\Vandersborg, Sweden/South West Africa
E234 1775.1780.ESDAILE\England/England
F250 1902 1902.FAASEN\Warmbaths, Transvaal, RSA/Warmbaths, Transvaal, RSA
F425 1820*1971*FALKENBERG\Gollmitz, Prussia/East London, South Africa
F242 1645*1645*FASCELLES\France (?)/France (?)
F240 1675*1675*FASQUELLE\Mannheim/Mannheim
F000 1917 1917:FEE\England/Garstow, England
F450 1785*1825*FLAMME\Twiste, Hesse-Nassau, GER/Cape Town, RSA
F236 1875.1949*FOSTER\Ixopo, Natal, RSA/Ixopo, Natal, South Africa
F652 1861.1888*FRANCIS\Moruya, NSW, Australia/Cape Town, South Africa
F626 1866.1937:FRASER\Grahamstown, South Africa/Middelburg, TVL, RSA
G520 1917 1987:GAMMAGE\Whetstone, England/Durban, South Africa
G300 1781*1781:GATEY\Cumberland, England/Cumberland, England
G320 1920.1976:GEDDES\Sydney, Australia/Sydney, Australia
G663 1871.1971:GERARDI\King William's Town, RSA/King William's Town, RSA
G663 1944:1944:GERARDY\Transvaal, RSA/Luanshya, Zambia
G325 1884*1914*GETZEN\Cape Town, RSA/Okahandja, Namibia
G420 1799.1799*GLASGOW\Unknown/Quebec, Canada
G452 1940:1960*GLYN-JONES\South Africa/South Africa
G340 1750:1790*GOODALL\England/Quebec, Canada
G612 1782:1782*GRAVES\Quebec, Canada/Quebec, Canada
G600 1750*1830*GRAY\England/Quebec, Canada
G650 1791*1971*GREEN\Quebec, Canada/South Africa
G650 1905*1989*GREENE\Johannesburg, South Africa/Witbank, South Africa
G626 1909 1938:GREGORY\Whitehaven, CUL, ENG/Whitehaven, CUL, ENG
G620 1890 1890:GRICE\Ashelham, England/Durban, South Africa
G653 1937:1937:GRINDLEY\South Africa/South Africa
G656 1942 1971.GRINYER\Scotland/Pinetown, South Africa
G552 1884:1884:GUNNING\Unknown/Walvis Bay, South West Africa
H260 1760.1780.HACKER\Cape, South Africa/Cape, South Africa
H130 1859.1989:HAUPT\Drakenstein, South Africa/Heidelberg, South Africa
H131 1840 1915:HAUPTFLEISCH\Stellenbosch, South Africa/de Rust, South Africa
H255 1834 1985:HICKMAN\Worcestershire, ENG/Greytown, South Africa
H432 1788*1825*HOLTZENDORFF\Germany/Prussia
H323 1918:1948:HOTSTON\Cumberland, England/Cumberland, England
J200 1892 1920:JESKE\Roggow, Germany/Omaruru, South West Africa
K352 1796*1796*KAEDING\Meichow, Ueckermark, GER/Meichow, Ueckermark, GER
K320 1815:1858*KAHTS\Durban, RSA/Durban, RSA
K515 1860:1890:KAMBONDE\Namibia/Namibia
K535 1852.1852:KANDENDU\Namibia/Namibia
K326 1825.1825*KATJARAA\Namibia/Namibia
K300 1900:1920:KEITH\Ladysmith, Natal, RSA/Ixopo, Natal, RSA
K650 1928*1963*KERINA\Tsumeb, Namibia/New York, NY, USA
K620 1810*1810*KERWICK\Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada/Three Rivers, QUE, CAN
K251 1952.1952:KICHENBRAND\Nigel, TVL, RSA/Standerton, TVL, RSA
K200 1876:1976:KOCH\Grahamstown, RSA/Florida, TVL, RSA
K520 1906 1979:KONIG\Bloemfontein, South Africa/Bedford, England
K626 1803*1803*KRIEGER\Brandenburg, Germany/Willerstedt, Brandenburg, GER
K624 1927 1986*KRIEGLER\Wolseley, South Africa/Empangeni, South Africa
K425 1780:1800:KULSEN\Cape, RSA/Cape, RSA
L153 1947.1980:LABAND\South Africa/South Africa
L520 1820.1842:LAING\Cape Town, South Africa/Kinross,Fife, Scotland
L220 1913.1940:LASZIG\South West Africa/South West Africa
L520 1905*1905*LEINHAUS\Okahandja, South West Africa/Okahandja, Namibia
L520 1870:1905*LEINHOS\Berlin, Germany/Okahandja, Namibia
L620 1818.1986*LEROUX\Cape Colony, South Africa/Stellenbosch, South Africa
L534 1830 1975*LINDHOLM\Sweden/Omaruru, Namibia
L340 1813*1822*LITTLE\Bolton, Cumberland, England/Bolton, CUL, ENG
L523 1930:1950:LUMSDEN-BEDINGFIELD\England/England
M250 1898.1983:MACHIN\Johannesburg, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
M243 1923:1923:MACLEOD\South Africa/South Africa
M243 1828*1914*MCLEOD\Cape Town, South Africa/Laingsburg, Cape, RSA
M200 1800*1905*MECHAU\Brunswick, Germany/Stellenbosch, RSA
M200 1842:1942:MICHAU\Cape, RSA/Cradock, RSA
M250 1875 1979:MOCINE\Gardiner, Oregon, USA/Wisconsin, USA
M355 1642*1642*MODNIMEE\France (?)/France (?)
M500 1920.1940:MOON\Malaya/Australia
M620 1817*1881*MORRIS\Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics, ENG/Cape Town, South Africa
M635 1838*1838*MORTON\Colchester, Essex, England/Colchester, Essex, ENG
N350 1810 1989:NATION\India/Waipukurau, New Zealand
O263 1867.1897:O'GRADY\Unknown/Johannesburg, South Afirca
P360 1891:1891:PATER\Whitehaven, CUL, ENG/Whitehaven, CUL, ENG
P425 1905.1932:PAULSEN\South Africa/South Africa
P630 1639*1785*PAYARD\France (?)/Prussia
P625 1801*1988*PEARSON\Whitehaven, CUL, ENG/Durban, Natal, RSA
P620 1875.1954:PEERS\Cape Town, South Africa/South Africa
P400 1870:1910:PEILE\CUL, ENG/Cumberland, England
P643 1849.1879:PEROLD\Paarl, Cape, RSA/Paarl, Cape, South Africa
P650 1650*1650*PERONNE\France (?)/France (?)
P265 1864.1909:PICKERING\Whitehaven, CUL, ENG/Whitehaven, CUL, ENG
P233 1754 1754:PICTET\Switzerland/Switzerland
P455 1775*1775*PULLMAN\Quebec, Canada/Quebec, Canada
R252 1890 1916:RASMUSSEN\Denmark/South Africa
R000 1851 1920:RAW\Durban, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
R120 1864.1913:RIVAS\South Africa/Klerksdorp, South Africa
R100 1852 1891:ROBB\Claremont, Cape, RSA/Johannesburg, South Africa
R360 1747*1747*ROTHERY\Whitehaven, Cumberland, England/Whitehaven, CUL, ENG
R200 1791 1955:ROUX\Stellenbosch, South Africa/Kommadagga, South Africa
R361 1857.1884:RUTHERFURD\Liseux, France/Timaru, New Zealand
S616 1700:1700:SCHREIBER\Brandenburg, Germany/Brandenburg, Germany
S432 1750*1870*SCHULTZ\Meichow, Bandenburg, GER/Cape, South Africa
S412 1929 1957.SEALY-FISHER\South Africa/South Africa
S514 1876 1919:SEMPLE\Castleblayney, Armargh, IRL/Johannesburg, RSA
S251 1850.1900:SHIKUAMBI\Namibia/Namibia
S532 1955 1955:SMUTS-MULLER\Cape Town, RSA/Johannesburg, South Africa
S562 1881 1968:SOMERSVINE\London, England/South Africa
S162 1890.1958:SPARG\Transkei, South Africa/East London, South Africa
S135 1855 1915:SPEDDING\Whitehaven, Cumberland, England/Whitehaven, CUL, ENG
S363 1840*1882*STEWARDSON\Cape Town, South Africa/Namibia
S523 1901 1961:SWINGEWOOD\England/La Rochelle, South Africa
T300 1915 1922:TAIT\Cape Colony, South Africa/Hanover, Cape, South Africa
T123 1854 1945:TAPSCOTT\Clifton, Bristol, England/South Africa
T250 1896 1930:THESEN\Knysna, South Africa/Knysna, South Africa
T652 1864.1904:THRING\Ladysmith, Natal, RSA/Natal, South Africa
T320 1841 1964:THWAITES\Sydney, NSW, Australia/Australia
T260 1825.1825:TJIRUE\Namibia/Namibia
V536 1818 1957:VANDERBIJL\Stellenbosch, RSA/Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia
V536 1818 1886.VANDERBYL\Bottlary, South Africa/Stellenbosch, South Africa
V535 1899 1957:VANEEDEN\Swellendam, South Africa/Chingola, Zambia
V526 1902 1966:VANNIEKERK\Cape Town, RSA/Wynberg, Cape, South Africa
V651 1657*1685*VAREMBOURG\Levantie, France/Mannheim, Germany
V463 1719*1719*VEILLARD\Briest, Brandenburg, GER/Briest, Brandenburg, GER
V512 1844 1985:VONBACKSTROM\Stellenbosch, South Africa/Nelspruit, RSA
V526 1900 1963:VONSORGENFREI\Unknown/South Africa
W426 1809*1848:WALKER\Whichham, CUL, England/Whichham, CUL, ENG
W420 1800:1800:WALSH\Cumberland, England/Cumberland, England
W425 1905.1963:WILSON-YELVERTON\South Africa/South Africa
W 09 Sep 2000

Steve's Tafel

N Steve Hayes
A P.O. Box 7648
A Pretoria
A 0001 South Africa
T (012)333-6727
S Fidonet: 5:7106/20
S FamilyNet: 8:7903/10
B Khanya BBS +27-12-333-0004
C 28//Zmodem
D 3/MSDOS/1440
F Family History System, PAF, others
R Searching for all GROWDON & GROWDEN
R families everywhere, and any STOOKE
R families in Devon, England
Z 62 Tiny Tafel Editor v2.2 --- This TT may be freely distributed!
A450 1756*1787*ALLEN\Winscombe, Somerset, ENG/Winscombe, Somerset, ENG
B230 1810*1810:BAGOT\Lancashire, England/Lancashire, England
B230 1892*1937*BAGOT\Natal, South Africa/England
B616 1790*1790*BARBER\Devon, England/Devon, England
C100 1838:1838*CHAFFEY\Bedminster, Bristol, ENG/Bedminster, Bristol, ENG
C560 1950 1954:CHAWNER\England/England
C150 1943 1970:COBBAN\South Africa/South Africa
C150 1703*1703:COPPIN\Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG/Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG
C350 1836*1920*COTTAM\Manchester, England/South Africa
C200 1740*1740:COUCH\Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG/Cardinham, Cornwall, ENG
D120 1896 1961:DAVIS\Newcastle, Natal, RSA/Durban, Natal, RSA
D620 1929 1964:DRAKE\South Africa/South Africa
D635 1943 1975:DRYDEN\South Africa/South Africa
D500 1913 1913:DUNN\Somerset, England/Avon, England
D600 1812*1812*DYER\Roche, Cornwall/Roche, Cornwall
G225 1948 1968:GASCOIGNE\Johannesburg, RSA/South Africa
G263 1935 1966:GAZZARD\Durban, South Africa/UNKNOWN
G650 1842*1941*GREENAWAY\St Teath, Cornwall/South Africa
G635 1800*1849*GROWDEN\Bodmin, Cornwall, ENG/Bodmin, CON, ENG
G635 1851*1989*GROWDON\Bodmin, CON, ENG/Durban, Natal, South Africa
H400 1954 1968:HALL\Estcourt, Natal, RSA/UNKNOWN
H550 1827*1965*HANNAN\Girvan, Ayrshire, SCT/Glasgow, Scotland
H620 1818*1818:HARRIS\Whitchurch, GLA, Wales/Whitchurch, GLA, Wales
H633 1861 1947:HART-DAVIS\At Sea, English Channel/Natal, South Africa
H200 1785*1981*HAYES\North Curry, SOM, ENG/Eshowe, KZN, South Africa
H616 1831*1831*HERBERT\Manchester, England/Manchester. England
H452 1821*1821*HOLLINS\Bristol, England/Bristol, England
H540 1543*1543:HONYWILL\Devon, England/Ashton, Devon, England
K000 1919 1975:KAY\South Africa/South Africa
L620 1905 1961:LARGE\Natal, South Africa/South Africa
L152 1820*1820:LIVINGSTON\Lanark, Scotland/Lanark, Scotland
L251 1684*1707:LUSCOMBE\Doddiscombsleigh, DEV, ENG/Devon, ENG
M635 1784*1864*MARTIN\Belfast, Ireland/Belfast, Ireland
M240 1938 1965:MAXWELL\Benoni, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
M263 1832*1832*MCCARTNEY\Maybole, Ayrshire, SCT/Maybole, Ayrshire, SCT
M233 1810*1810:MCDADE\Ayrshire, Scotland/Ayrshire, Scotland
M216 1820*1858:MCFARLANE\Glasgow, Scotland/Glasgow, Scotland
M620 1869 1974:MOORS\Bruton, SOM, ENG/South Africa
M430 1905:1905*MOULD\Transvaal, South Africa/Transvaal, South Africa
N550 1915 1930:NAUMANN\Dunedin, New Zealand/Dunedin, New Zealand
N363 1925 1929:NOTHARD\Durban, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
P620 1828*1828*PARK\Belfast, Ireland/Bath, SOM, England
P100 1833:1840*POPE\Tintagel, CON, ENG/Tintagel, CON, ENG
R000 1885 1973*RAW\Natal, South Africa/South Africa
R320 1949 1980:REDDICK\Salisbury, S. Rhodesia/Bellshill, Motherwell
S536 1730*1766*SANDERCOCK\Cardinham, CON, ENG/Cardinham, CON, ENG
S364 1635*1635:SATTERLEY\Trusham, DEV, England/Trusham, DEV, ENG
S536 1760:1973*SAUNDERCOCK\Cardinham, CON, ENG/Blacktown,NSW, AUS
S546 1598*1748*SMALLRIDGE\DEV, ENG/Doddiscombsleigh, Devon, England
S330 1950 1986:STAYT\Durban, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
S320 1592*1928*STOOKE\Devon, England/Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
T400 1820*1820.TILLY\Cornwall, England/Cornwall, England
T455 1915:1989:TOULMIN\Bristol, England/Canada
V200 1742*1926*VAUSE\Epworth, Lincolnshire, ENG/Natal, South Africa
V650 1711*1726*VERRAN\Broadoak, Cornwall, ENG/Broadoak, Cornwall, ENG
V650 1707*1707:VERRON\Broadoak, Cornwall, ENG/Broadoak, Cornwall, ENG
W340 1930 1930:WHITLEY\South Africa/South Africa
W425 1917 1917:WILKINSON\Durban, South Africa/Durban, South Africa
W452 1830.1830:WILLIAMS\Winscombe, Somerset, ENG/Winscombe, SOM, ENG
W523 1927 1961:WINNICOTT\Eastern Cape, RSA/Pietermaritzburg, RSA
W521 1944 1959:WINSHIP\South Africa/Durban, Natal, South Africa
W300 1804*1804*WYATT\Lincolnshire, England/England
W 09 Sep 2000

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