Hayes family of South Africa

Hand Painted Byzantine Ikons

By Julia Hayes

Julia Hayes is an ikonographer with a degree in Theology from the University of Athens. She is currently living in Athens.

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 Theotokos and Christ Set (9x11.5cm each)

 Korsunskaya Mother of God
(16x20 cm)
mrth02.jpg - 50611 Bytes

mrthkz01.jpg - 49236 Bytes Kazan Mother of God (18x24 cm)

St Nicholas of Myra (12.5x15 cm) stnick2.jpg - 57918 Bytes

stpaul01.jpg - 57472 Bytes  St Paul the Apostle (16x20 cm)

St Seraphim of Sarov (9x11.5) stser01.jpg - 58079 Bytes
St Athanasios the Great (9x11.5 cm) stath02.jpg - 38742 Bytes

 St Seraphim of Sarov (2) (20x25 cm) stser02.jpg - 25687 Bytes

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