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Orthodox Links

These are links to Orthodox web sites kept in a database maintained by Steve Hayes. The list comes straight from a database of Internet resources that I keep. People send me information about their Web sites on on-line forms, and I pull them into the database with minimal editing, and this list is as the database spits them out, in alphabetical order of organisation, based on the search argument orthodox. So the fact that as site appears here just means that the word "orthodox" appears somewhere in the record. It is no guarantee of the Orthodoxy of the material of the site, or the canonicity of the sponsoring body. It's got the lot.

You will find more links on our general links page, and a few more on some of our other pages as well. The links on the other pages are selected and ordered in some way - either because I think they are worth looking at, or because they are related to something else on the page.

If your site is here, and the information isn't accurate, or you don't like what it says, e-mail me, and I'll send you the form so you can revise the information and resubmit it. Same thing if you have a site that isn't listed here... just ask for the form, and I'll send it.

List of Orthodox sites, in alphabetical order of sponsoring organization

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