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Most of our pages have a main index at the top and sometimes the bottom of each page. This index shows where the sub-pages fit in. Some pages may appear under more than one category. This is to make them easier to find.

These pages were originally hosted by Yahoo-Geocities. They stopped working there on 13 May 2006, so I moved them to Bravenet, which I hoped would be more reliable, from 26 May 2006.

But the Bravenet site went belly-up in September 2012, so I moved them here in June 2013.

Because of the move, some links may not work, and some graphics may not appear. Please be patient while I get everything working again, and leave me a note if you spot anything that isn't working. If you have links to any of these pages, please note the new URL


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    BBSs were popular in the 1990s, but have now largely died out. These pages are retained for historic interest, but as far as I know there are no working BBSs left in South Africa.

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